Dogable Dog Training at Parklands

Natasha is a Certified Dog Trainer with the Dog Training College (CDT-DTC) and Cheltenham’s Kids Around Dogs Approved Trainer. Dogable Dog Training specialises in helping families with dogs, puppy training, recall and loose lead walking. Training goals are achieved using kind, reward-based methods with fun, game-based exercises.

At Parklands, Dogable Dog Training offers:

  • “The Family Dog” – Family-orientated Puppy Training Classes (for puppies up to 6 months old)
  • “Amazing Adolescents” – Adolescent Dog Training Classes (for puppies/dogs aged 7 months–2 years)
  • Rapid Recall Workshops
  • Loose Lead Legend Workshops
  • *Coming Soon* Pawesome Pals – Child Education Club

Classes are structured to help owners understand how to best support their four-legged friend through various developmental stages whilst learning key life skills on both ends of the leash. All classes are focused on being a fun and welcoming space to ensure training your dog is a joy, rather than a chore. A strong emphasis is placed on the real-life application of learning with the opportunity to practice in Hatherley Park at the end of each class/workshop. There is no one-size-fits-all approach, meaning all exercises can be tailored to suit individual dogs and individual owner abilities.

The Family Dog classes are best suited for children aged 6+.

Bespoke programmes for 1-2-1 training are also available upon request.

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