Welcome to Parklands Community Centre

Parklands Community Centre was founded in 1945 and is a Registered Charity (No 301489). We are located adjacent to Cheltenham Town Football Club, approximately:

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Our Vision, Mission, Values and Objectives

Parklands Community Centre will be at the heart of the community. It will provide an all-inclusive, thriving, safe and sustainable environment that is valued by the local community and surrounding area.

We will strive to offer a range of inclusive activities to support the educational, training, recreational and well-being needs of the local community.

Parklands Community Centre is committed to: –

  • Providing excellent services for the local community;
  • Collaborative working with voluntary and community groups, public sector bodies and private sector businesses to improve our ability to enhance resources and deliver better services;
  • Professionalism and organisational effectiveness;
  • Equal opportunities and treating everybody with kindness and respect.

 We aim to: –

  • Provide a welcoming, accessible and safe building as a focal point for residents and groups to meet;
  • Facilitate a range of educational, training, employment, recreational and well-being activities to take place which respond to the needs of local people;
  • Help the local community to become healthier, with improved well-being;
  • Become more resourceful and resilient;
  • Build on relationships with individuals and organisations who share our values;
  • Attract resources to the Community Centre through fundraising, applying for grants and seeking sponsorships;
  • Improve access for local people to the services and amenities that they need.